Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

Gum disease develops rather gradually and, for the most part, our clients do not even notice that they suffer from certain symptoms until they are properly examined by our highly trained staff. If discounted for a long enough period of time, gum disease can lead to graver disorders, including tooth loss. Gum diseases can happen to anyone, whether they floss their teeth regularly, brush their teeth twice daily and take care of their teeth- This underlines the value of regularly booking dental check-ups and visiting dental professionals.

Gum Disease Treatment in a nutshell.

Should your dentists at River Edge Dental in Keswick, Bradford, or Orangeville rule that gum disease is evident during your checkup appointment, our staff will conspire with you to suggest ideal treatment options. Factors such as the phase of gum disease may indicate that more aggressive therapies may be required, focusing past the exterior of the teeth, aimed at beneath the gum line. If there is a substantial build-up of bacteria below the gum line, for example, River Edge Dental may offer medications to be applied to the site of the disease. Your dental professionals at River Edge Dental may even suggest undergoing additional procedures such as curettage or root-planing.

Curettage is simply the eviction of diseased soft tissues surrounding the tooth, or the removal of the infection at its source, allowing for the tooth to heal.

Root-planning is a more advanced procedure that consists of the removal and smoothing of minute pieces of the tooth’s root surface. Your tooth and a clean, bacteria-free outside are what you are left with, once the appointment is done, thus promoting healing in the neighbouring soft tissue.

Curettage and root-planning are sometimes executed concurrently by our skilled dental hygienists. Local anesthesia is sometimes advisable in order to increase the comfort-level of patients. When the procedure is complete, our team will show you some advice on maintaining the gains achieved through the recent treatment. River Edge Dental in Keswick, Bradford, or Orangeville will, during follow-up appointments, keep an eye out for the status of gum disease to determine whether additional treatment will be needed,

If gum disease has evolved into the area underneath the gum line, River Edge Family Dental can offer to book a consultation with a periodontist (specializing in gum disease related surgeries.) For very aggressive cases of gum disease, surgery may offer the highest chance of a positive prognosis to permit for proper healing of the gum and jaw bone to occur.

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