Full Mouth Restoration

Daily tasks that one cannot avoid, such as eating or smiling at a loved one can cause pain, or upset and shame if said individual is suffering from worn, damaged, or even a lost tooth.

Inefficient dentistry or a patient's constant neglect toward dental hygiene, over time, can bring upon a need for comprehensive restorative treatments, or a full mouth restoration. River Edge Dental provides full mouth restorations and will utilize a range of restorative and cosmetic treatments to revitalize your smile to a healthy, aesthetically eye-pleasing state. Depending on your personal condition, Our dental team at River Edge Dental in Keswick, Bradford, or Orangeville will cooperate with the patient and may advise treatments using veneers, bridges, crowns, periodontal or endodontic treatments. In some severe instances, dental implants and other complex dental work may be provided in order to revive your oral health.

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