Tooth Extractions

When dentists refer to tooth extractions, they’re typically referring to impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth tend to cause irritation, pain, inflammation and even infection and decay as they crop up and apply progressively more and more pressure against neighbouring teeth. In certain more severe occurrences, cysts can develop, surrounding the wisdom teeth, thus having a negative affect on the health of the jaw bone. Cysts around wisdom teeth will no doubt call for an extraction.

Besides wisdom teeth, tooth extractions at River Edge Dental in Keswick, Bradford, or Orangeville are only considered as a last resort measure, subsequent to having made every effort to salvage the tooth, inclusive of root canal therapy. If the tooth has been traumatized, is in a more advanced stage of decay, or if there is an apparent, excessive, loss of bone surrounding the tooth (ie. as a result of periodontal disease) and the tooth is easily wiggled, then our dentists may consider extracting the tooth in an effort to conserve the healthfulness of neighbouring teeth as well as your overall oral health.

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