Amalgam - Free Restorative Dentistry

Patients often would rather have dental fillings carried out using amalgam-free materials when filling in cavities. Here at River Edge Dental we utilize a host of customizable restorative materials that offer mercury-free and amalgam-free results. We have solutions for clients who request that we convert their prior amalgam or metallic fillings; options for clients who require a crown be affixed to ameliorate a discoloured or chipped tooth; as well as the ability to treat clients who require amalgam-free treatments for tooth implants or root canal therapies.  Patients can receive custom treatments to devise a course of action to mend, completely replace or restore your organic teeth without the use of amalgams. River Edge Dental in Keswick, Bradford, or Orangeville will do our utmost to ensure that our clients can leave our office with the dazzling and healthful smiles they should expect from our present day's modern dentistry procedures.

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